History: What are plumeria?

PLUMERIA: YOU may recognize these exotic flowers being associated to Hawaii, but what do you really know about Plumeria?

Also known as Frangipani or the Hawaiian Lei Flower, Plumeria originate in tropical central America. The plant/flower name derives its name from the 17th century French botanist Charles Plumier. History of the flower commonly known as Frangipani actually comes from 16th century marquess of Italian noble family who invented Plumeria-scented perfume.

Aztec Gold

Exact numbers of varieties are unknown due to cross-hybridization, but it’s believed there are hundreds of varieties. The most popular varieties people choose to buy are:

  • Purple varieties including JJ Purple Jack, Metallica and Black Purple.
  • Dwarf varieties, including Dulcemia, Divine and Dwarf Singapore
  • For fragrances, people tend to prefer Aztec Gold, Charlotte Ebert and Dearf Whir Singapore.

A feature of the relatively easy-to-grow plant, often unknown to new plumeria lovers are the fragrances the flowers offer.

  • Confetti have a fruity fragrance
  • Hawaiian Rose, a floral rose scent
  • Dulcemia, which has a peach cream fragrance.

Southern Blooms Florida Plant Nursery has continued to grow its variety offerings since its inception in 2014. We constantly bolster these offerings, which currently sits at 65. Of those, the most popular varieties we are Confetti, Hawaiian Rose and Dulcemia.

You can buy Southern Blooms Florida Plant Nursery varieties on our website or one of the many Florida plant shows including the USF Botanical Gardens plant show or Plaza Bella Plant Show hosted by the Green Boutique.