Guide to Buying Plumeria

 Buying Plumeria is more complex than just finding a nice variety – it must be grown correctly to optimize flower growth.

Have you bought Plumeria that just didn’t yield many flowers, or any at all?

It’s likely that you bought a wild-grown Plumeria tree, rather than what’s known as a cultivar.

A cultivar is a plant variety that’s been produced in cultivation through selective breeding, just like all varieties grown at Southern Blooms Florida Plant Nursery.

“We grow named cultivars by buying name cultivars from reputable growers, we also grow noids, also known as no identification and also grow hybrids,” Southern Blooms Florida Plant Nursery employee, Mac Garner.

So, how do you know you’re buying wild or cultivar Plumeria? Well, you can start buying from a known cultivar grower like Southern Blooms Florida Plant Nursery.

This assures you get a quality plant that will grow well and produce the exact flowers and fragrance that you are looking for.

Be careful when purchasing cuttings or plants that are sold as just pink, red, yellow, or rainbow as you may be getting inferior and or even wild grown Plumeria. These can produce minimal flowering or may not produce flowers at all.

Good cultivar varieties to look for include Aztec gold, confetti, Charlotte Ebert, divine, Toba's fire and Key West red.

The other way of growing Plumeria is from seedlings. These are easy to germinate and grow quickly so you can propagate. However, they may not stay true or produce the same flowers as the mother plant or not grow any flowers at all.

“In our 30 year experience only 15-20% of seedlings flower and it usually takes at least 3 years to flower,” Mac said.

“Be aware of people selling seeds that say they will produce a certain flower.”

Keeping these thoughts in mind when purchasing Plumeria will help you to build a collection that will give you years of beautiful flowers.

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