Maximize Plumeria Blooms for The Year

Experiencing the beauty of Plumeria is brief, so knowing how to maximize that bloom is sought after.

Knowing the correct pruning technique is key to optimizing your flowering. However, pruning is not just some brute technique, cutting wherever you want. At Southern Blooms Florida Plant Nursery, we us a “selective pruning” regiment.

Selective pruning means we assure that not all the branches will be trimmed. This generally ensures a great bloom on our trees every year.

Keep in mind, flowers are in the tips of Plumeria and trimming them off will usually keep the tree from flowering for a whole season. Larger established trees can flower again at the end of the year if trimmed in early Spring.

How Far Down Should I Cut Plumeria?

Most Plumeria do well if you cut down about 12-18 inches from the tips and take cuttings that are into the gray wood of the stem – and not the green wood.

Dwarf varieties can do well with smaller cuttings 8-12 inches. Most trees will sprout new growth at the cutting line or just below it.

In recent years, dwarf Plumeria varieties have become more popular as they only grow anywhere between 4-7' in the ground.

We hopefully these tips will help you enjoy your Plumeria even more.

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