Spring 2022 Plumeria Plant Grow and Care Guide

IF you’re wondering how to optimize your plumeria growth during spring – have no fear – Southern Blooms Florida Plant Nursery brings you our “2022 Spring Plumeria Growing Pro Tips”.

Whether you’re growing plumeria for the aesthetics, fragrance or Hawaiian lei flower, our Education Series – spring pro tips will prepare for the constant warm temperatures in Florida and warm conditions in other states. Don’t stress about the warmer temperatures, in fact it’s a good thing, as the warmer day and nighttime temperatures promote new root growth and bolsters plumeria bloom tips. After all, the plumeria is a tropical plant which flourishes in warmer climates from Mexico to Florida.

If you’re wanting your plumeria tree to grow flowers for the year, keep in mind that all flowering comes from the tip. So, if you’re planning on trimming to keep your plumeria at a certain height – it will not flower for the year.

Note: The tips, if propagated from that trimming, may flower even when they are placed in soil to root.

Plumeria Root Growth

Rooting plumeria is really not too difficult as long as you follow the correct method:

  • Only take plumeria cuttings on the gray area of the stalk. The greener the stem (which is more toward the tip) the more difficult it is too root.
  • Callus your plumeria – this means to dry it. We recommend that you callus the plant for 7 days in a shady or dappled sun area – never in full sun.

Planting Your Dried Plumeria

Post the 7 days, you can then plant the plumeria cutting 2-3 inches deep into a well-draining soil mix. It’s recommended you plant it in a pot that has drain holes to ensure full drainage. Press the soil down on each side of the cutting to make sure it will remain stable and not settle at an angle. Make sure the soil is damp and not saturated.

When To Water A Newly Planted Plumeria?

Watering should not be done until the tips form leaflets. The leaf formation is indicative of new root growth. If a tip starts to flower it may not form roots as it flowers because all the energy of that cutting if focused on the flowering process. So, you can wait until after flowering to cut the flower stem off or cut it off before flowering to promote new root growth.

How often Should I Water Newly Planted Plumeria?

You can begin watering twice a week to help support the new growth. Do not over water during new growth because you create an environment that is too wet – which can cause rot. After leaflets appear you can now move the cutting into full sun; plumeria flourish in the sun.

As the cutting grows you will see larger leaves forming and maybe even new branches. After a couple of months you should notice roots growing out of the bottom of the drain holes in the pots. Now is the time you can fertilize with a 12-12-12 slow release fertilizer and water at least twice a week.

Note: Good fertilizer are Osmocote 12-12-12 or Lesco 8-10-10.


How to Grow Larger Plumeria?

After a year in the pot the plumeria can be transplanted into a larger pot or planted in the ground if desired. If you are planting it in the ground, make sure you have a full sun exposure and in a well draining area of the yard. Water well when first planted and then water once a week if it is in the ground.

NOTE: If the plumeria is not getting enough water it’s drooping leaves will be a good indicator.

Some colors and varieties are harder to root than others but most can root well and you should have good success in propagating them.

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